S4K is on a mission to transform children’s sports development and entertainment around the world.
From a successful start in the UK the S4K leadership are looking for partners from around the world to expand and build the S4K brand in international markets.
S4K has developed its Master Franchise model and would seek to Partner to develop the right market reach, operational footprint and quality brand development in a number of international territories. There is a compelling proposition for an investor operator of the S4K brand across the globe.
High on our list are the following countries:

  • Ireland
  • Netherlands
  • Cyprus
  • Middle East
  • Australia
  • New Zealand
  • USA
  • India
  • Canada
  • Others .. come and suggest?
S4K has unique business system that has brought considerable success to its owners. The brand the products, the operational systems, recruitment, resource development, training and the process to manage the operations of the business have all been developed, honed and proven in the core S4K Business in the UK.

The S4K Business System is very powerful has many service lines, is cash generating and has a depth to the product and service definition not matched by any competitor in the sector. S4K is head and shoulders ahead of the competition in terms of quality and breadth and depth of revenue generation.
The S4K Business System allows the Master Franchise business owner to develop a large business within a relatively short time period with a high success rate. The Master Franchise operator has access to the best business experts to help guide you in your new venture to build your organization to last. This opportunity is extremely rare and as the S4K brand expands around international markets now is the optimum time to invest in an S4K business of your own.

As an S4K Master or Regional Franchisee your ways of generating income are expanded over that of a normal franchise. With a normal franchise you are generally offering the product of service directly to the end use customer such as in a retail store. With a master franchise, you can generate income through your own operation, but also through sub-franchising S4K in your territory.

Generic Benefits of Master Franchises
All the generic benefits of Master Franchising are largely true for an S4K Master Franchise Licence. With Master Franchising you get All of the benefits of the S4K Brand and Business System without the time, expense and insight of having to develop the concept from scratch.

Franchise Fees - When you sell a sub-franchise, you receive a franchise fee. Most sub-franchise fees are between $20,000 and $30,000 and in a typical master franchise program; you get to keep 40% - 50% of the fee.

Ongoing Royalties - This is the ultimate income source. Once you help set up the franchises, you receive royalty income or annuity type income for the rest of the life of those franchises. Imagine receiving 8% - 10% of your franchisee's volume every month.

Products or Additional Services - Additional products and services needed by the franchisee's customer base can bring excellent additional income. Sports products and equipment sourced by S4K Group makes this an easy add-on, even the logistics and delivery are provided.
Exclusive Control - of the successful franchise system in a specific geographic area. That gives leveraged network and business contact and context for other opportunities.

Track Record: A proven track record that works

S4K Group Support: Brand name and even a partner in the form of the S4K Group corporate office to help you all the way through. Master franchisees to give you valuable support, latest innovations and business expertise when you need it

Prestige: The prestige of owning a master franchise and controlling an entire area can give you great satisfaction.
Your main job will be to act as a business consultant to your franchisees and help them succeed in their own business. S4K Group helps with this and can support you every step of the way.

Leverage: You will be associated with the elite S4K brand name as the main developer of an area even through it will be your franchisees investing their money.

Fast Growth: One of the benefits of a Master Franchise is that you can build equity in the business at a much faster rate than a normal business. Once you sell a few franchises or open your own stores, you increase the value of your business significantly. Not only do you have an existing business with cash flow, you have additional franchise opportunities to sell which gives the master franchise a higher value. Typically, a master franchise will make 4 to 9 times the earnings rather than the typical 1.8 to 2.8 times the earnings of a normal business.
Low overheads. You don't have to jump into the business with a large office, staff and other overhead expenses. You can expand as you go.

Own Operations: You have the option of setting up your own franchises at reduced rates. As you open your own outlets you create another asset value. You now have your master franchise with a specific value and also your own franchise with its value. As the value of your franchise increases, it increases the value of your master franchise. They are separate that you may sell when you would like.

Flexibility: More freedoms exist in a master franchise than a normal franchise. You help set the standards of the franchise in your area.

Future Proof R&D: Benefit from continued S4K Group R&D pipeline to enhance the business with new technology and new products and service. You stay up to date on the latest technology. Being part of a larger franchise system allows the best ideas to flow into the corporate office and then into the field. You'll have your own research and development department built right in.

No Experience: You don't need experience in the specific industry of sports, education or childrens entertainment as the S4K Brand and product range brings all that to you. You will receive industry specific training and support from the S4K Group in the beginning and ongoing.

Staged Involvement: It can be started part-time and then you may move to full-time as required by the business you bring on.

Success Rate: Best of all it is a franchise! Franchises as a whole enjoy a 92% success rate. Master franchises typically have an even better success rate than the normal franchise. All you need to do is find the right master franchise for you. Master Franchising or regional development franchises as they are sometimes called, are the best kept secret in business today...for the right person and S4K is ready and willing to open up serious dialogue with anyone who thinks this is something they would like to take up.

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