Market Opportunity & Territory Scope
The right formula for a successful franchise network success begins with its territory strategy. Sport4kids have partnered with Atlas Mapping to develop a territory strategy and network design that aims to maximise market potential for the S4K Franchise Network.

UK Atlas Mapping are the leading franchise mapping company in the UK and are officially recognised by the British Franchise Association as brand partner of choice. They have geo and demographical data assets that invaluable for assessing where our customer could be and how we should structure S4K Franchise Territories.

S4K Territories are larger than normal sports services and education franchise models. The objective is to provide growth potential for you the Franchise beyond your initial growth period. The territory area is dependent upon the size of population and focused on creating key market hubs around more densely populated towns, cities and conurbations. We have identified 81 territories in the UK.

We have designed each territory to provide a consistent level of opportunity for each Franchisee Partner and have created them big enough for continued growth over the longer term. We have limited the number of franchise territories to much less than our competition to provide the biggest uplift and long term wealth creation for our Franchise Partners.

Each Territory has a consistent number of parents, children, nurseries and schools. The demographics are key and we have selected children and age groups against which to determine the size, shape and scope of each territory. We have chosen to measure against age categories which then align to our market penetration, service lines and sales plans for each Partner Franchise. They are children from zero to 7 years, then 8 to 9 and subsequently 10 to 14 years.

Territory Mapping is based upon an average of 50,000 0-7year old children for each territory. Each territory has on average 11,600 eight and nine year olds and 31,000 Ten to 14 Year olds. This would give a target opportunity of circa 90,000 children.

There is no doubt going to be huge demand for specific territories, so if you have a particular geography or territory in mind please do not hesitate and register your interest below.

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